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If you have 'Services' you can feature them on this page.

Here's how to Add A Video, an here's how to Add A Picture

To add content to this page login to, and enter in the email and password your registered with. Then, in your Page Directory, to the right, click on the page entitled 'Here Are Our Services'  and it will open up in your editor.

How To Hide This Page

If you don't have any Services, you can hide this page. You can also hide it while you're working on it.

To hide this page, login to your editor, then click on the box beside the page entitled 'Here Are Our Services'' and from your Page Directory's drop-down menu select 'Hide A Page' and click on 'Go'.  You will then see the word 'Hidden' under the page title. 

How This Form Works

When your visitor completes your 'Free Consultation' form to the right, you'll receive an email notifying you of it. Plus, your visitor will receive an email acknowledging their request. You can change 'Free Consultation' to anything you want, like 'Have A Question?'

You can enter in your own message in your auto-responder emails. Click on the top menu entitled Forms > Edit Your Forms. Your forms are listed to the right, and click on the link entitled 'Services Form'.  Then click on the tab entitled 'Thank You Page & Emails'.

In your Marketing Manual, section 9 shows you How To Create A Form.

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